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Glass cook tops easy clean

I love a smooth clean glass cook top! Being married to a professional chef (a messy one I might add). Elf Naturals Angelscrub is essential. I sometimes use it with super fine steel wool (#0000) if spills have been on it too long. Usually the Angelscrub on a damp paper towel (or damp sponge)is sufficient. I use firm pressure to rub out burned spills. Also it can be left on the area and covered to stay damp for 1-24 hours. I like overnight, then in the morning I wipe off with a wet microfiber cloth and buff to a beautiful green and clean shiny stove top! I have been doing this for 4 years now and maintain a new looking cook top with no toxic chemicals, yippee!!!

My Favorite Green Cleaning Tools

Everyone can agree that keeping your home clean is not only a good idea for reasons of sanitation, but also a clean home is a much more pleasant place to be. You rely on your home to provide you with a sanctuary at the end of the day and shelter from the elements. Using the right tools to keep it clean will keep you healthier and provide a better quality of life.

With that in mind, here is our list of essential green cleaning tools:

  1. Microfiber Cloth-cleans everything with just water, or use with your favorite natural cleaner (nothing with chlorine, it will destroy the fibers)
  2. 100% cotton Flour Sack Towels or Terry Cloth – for drying and wiping down mirrors and glass
  3. High Quality Feather Duster (retail cost approx. $13-$15)- this is for dusting
  4. Lambs Wool Duster with extension pole – best thing to use for cobwebs
  5. Microfiber Mop – great for cleaning floors, wall & windows.  I also love the Steam Cleaners, a good bet is one that does floors, furniture, tile and window tracks.
  6. Hepa-filter Vacuum Cleaner- cleans the air at the same time.
  7. Super Fine Steel Wool (#0000) – great for cleaning windows & glass stove tops (use wet or dry).
  8. Natural Fiber Sponge – last a long time and can be machine washed or put in the dishwasher.
  9. Green Heavy Duty Scrubber ( use sparingly)
  10. Plastic Scraper – lift excess dirt, grime, etc. before spraying or spotting with cleaner, (makes job much easier)

This list is not all inclusive but are my favorite tools and were used in my non-toxic cleaning service for 15 years.  I tested a lot of products for speed and efficiency while maintaining natural cleaning methods.

Green Cleaning Your Pets

To stay healthy and happy, all dogs need cleaning. But who really likes to spend time doing it?  Not me! So by default I found a very quick way to keep my dog clean.  I think you’ll find that this tip works especially well on large breeds. You can also use this method on cats too.

All you need  is a microfiber cloth, which you can purchase in the automotive section of your store. They’re cheaper on this aisle than in the pet supplies section of your favorite market.  Take this cloth and get it slightly damp. From there, you can  proceed to clean your pet by wiping vigorously. My dog thinks it is a massage.  There’s no need to rinse the cloth, because microfiber traps everything and locks it in.

Using a microfiber cloth is great for absorbing excess water too. This is also how I dry my dog after a bath.  It’s so much easier than using a regular towel.

With these methods for keeping my dog clean, I rarely bathe my dog.  When I want her to have a little boost of freshness, I use baking soda and brush it through her coat.   She is an inside dog, and using these methods, she always smells fresh and clean. Now your pet can too!

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