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What Is Green Cleaning

We are often asked, “What is green cleaning?” People sometimes think it means using a green colored sponge.

Green cleaning means using products and methods for common household cleaning tasks that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, while delivering highly effective results.

We’ve notice that there seems to be a clear dividing line between the generations. As a culture, we’ve come a long way since the time that toxic chemicals like DDT and other toxins were casually used to combat the ill effects of Mother Nature. The intent was to kill pests like mosquitoes and stop such vector-borne diseases as malaria. The intent was good. The results were not.

In fact, it wasn’t that long ago when the common attitude was that nature is something that humans were put in this world to combat and rise above. The result is that most kitchen cupboards are loaded with toxic chemicals that kill the germs but also harm the people who use them.

This is exactly what’s given rise to the use of green cleaning today. Using products like ElfNaturals All-Purpose Cleaner, Lift Counter Spray and Angel Scrub means not only getting a superior cleaning result, it also means protecting the health of the natural environment – and people too!

It doesn’t take much to get into green cleaning. It’s simply a matter of choice. Isn’t it about time that we all made that choice? At ElfNaturals, we think it is.

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