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Why Green Cleaning

“Why green cleaning, Janine?” the woman in the front row asked me. I was giving an ElfNaturals Kitchen Clean-up demonstration at a local supermarket chain. The woman had asked a very good question – one I’m asked more often than you’d expect.

When I was growing up, almost all cleaning products contained large amounts of toxins. Not many people were asking questions about the contents of common household cleaners. Even though we knew they contained powerful chemicals, few people thought about the hazards these chemicals presented to the environment. Sure, people knew not to use oven cleaner in a closed room, but the long term health effects never occurred to the average person.

But there’s evidence now shows that what we use to clean our homes is just as important as the food we consume. In fact, the products that we use to clean our homes become part of us as we breathe, as they make contact with our skin, and when we eat and drink.

It’s widely known that direct contact with common dish washing detergent can cause serious chemical burns, and ingesting it is potentially fatal. What are you drinking then every time you fill your glass? It makes abundant sense to switch to a safer way of cleaning up after the family meal, such as using ElfNaturals Dish Soap.

It’s no wonder that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found that the air quality in the average home is 5 or even 10 times more toxic than the air outside. It’s not uncommon for the air indoors to be contaminated with somewhere between 20 to 150 various types of pollutants. Much of this pollution comes from everyday household cleaners.

So, back to the question: why green cleaning? If you’re not already using natural cleaning products, the odds are high that you’re using dangerous chemicals. Many household cleaning products don’t disclose the full list of their ingredients, and those ingredients are entering your body one way or another every time you clean.

Green cleaning isn’t just about being kind to the environment, though that’s certainly reason enough to make the switch. Green cleaning is about keeping our personal environment safe and sustainable – our environment right in the home.

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